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read MTK 6516 android phones repair flasher etc...

MTK 6516 android phones repair flasher etc...

Q: How do hard reset?
A: 1. Connect the cable from the computer while holding down the "-" - the volume below the sidebar.
2. Turn on your phone
3. Phone will boot in FACTORY MODE
4. Select the Clear Flash using the same button "-"
5. Confirmed by pressing the button "Menu" button on the left touch of a round button.

Q: How to get into the engineering menu?
A: Dial * # * # 3646633 # * # *

Q: What is behind the right of the crack dynamics at the front of the phone? Image
A: The sensor ear (absorbs / locks the screen during a conversation).

Q: Were you able to run Skype?
A: Not yet. Skype for Android can run in the presence of not less than percent of 600 MHz.
At the same time, you can run Skype Beta - will only work as a messenger.

Q: Do not load an application from Android Market / error prirabote with supermarkets. What should I do?
A: Perform a factory reset to the factory.

In: Tache begins to react strangely when charging. What should I do?
A: The problem of poor assembly of the battery charger. Change it to any brand.

Q: Nechayno removed the lower horizontal menu - namely, removed the browser, phone book and an icon with a pipe (for calls), as now all be back?
A: The menu button, add, LauncherActions, TCI / close sliding cover.

Q: Where can I get the correct working Navitel?
1. Read thread p. 41-42
2. I give a link to the archive in which he invested with apk Navitel 5.0 + card working for him. Detailed instructions for installation.
- Apk scores on the memory card (to adjust. Apk NOT from Android Market, need to Settings> Applications> pukto on "Unknown sources" tick).
- Using a file manager (eg ES conductor, in a market can be downloaded free of charge) and start waiting for the completion of the installation.
- When you first start the program creates a folder on your memory card NavitelContent.
- In the folder NavitelContent / Maps, you can copy the entire map or atlas.
Installation Procedure RePack:
install apk
NavitelContent - copy to SDCard
NavitelContentMaps - copy the map
NavitelContentSkins - copy skins
NavitelContentSpeedcams - copy spidkamy
All taken from the famous resource
[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
Then you need to download a map to your country, which would be the correct extension (for Navitel 5.0.
extension must be. nm3
Map of Ukraine

Q: How do I get the right root?
A: example program z4root (works on 2.1 and 2.2).

Q: How do I know I got a Root-law?
A: If you can install rootexplorer, see the folder init, in / data / app to see how many meters above Mem, root permissions are granted.
It is also useful to read the FAQ for Android OS

[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

Upgrade to A3 Android 2.1 - | | primary firmware A3 Android UI, with no Russian language - | | firmware A3 + + (with the Apple UI and the Russian language, but not to start an apple, and Android)
A3 + A3 + firmware (with the Apple UI and the Russian language, starting in the apple)
A3T android_update20101127 Android shell but the language is only English and Chinese - ear sensor operates normally

Installation manual
1. Unpack the archive.
2. Copy this whole thing in root of your SD Card. You have to be there and the file folder factory.img tflashupdate with subfolders in which images are 5 image files.
3. Turn off the phone
4. Turn the phone mode FACTORY MODE (Hold down the "sound less" click on "Insert")
5. In the corner of the picture seems a penguin, and then flee bukovki.
6. When the screen starts flashing sign "Done" take out the battery
7. Turn on the phone and wait three to five minutes until the phone turns on.

Upgrade to A3 Android 2.2
WARNING! Put to the Android 2.1!!! (Rename to
A3_SDCard_Android_2.2_AppleUI_ROM - | | Apple shell, many languages ??that are not running a mute button
A3_SDCard_Android_2.2_ROM - | | Android shell, many languages.
in the archive file find (for normal) and (for Apple UI) March 2011
VNIMANEIE the update will be removed accounts, settings, address book, so the need to keep this business contacts in gmail, or on a flash drive to copy everything (have a function in your notebook).
Detailed instructions on how to flash the firmware MARCH
1. Swing by the link I gave ap0stol file (it is one, just different file sharing, but on each one and the same file compressed). Unpack it - there is, among other things (they have interisuyut) files and Next, you need to choose your update. file needed for those who have regular A3 (without Apple UI), and needed for those who have A3 with Apple UI. In his instructions below, I'll write about, but those who let Apple UI is beneath him understand
2. Connect your smartphone to your computer as a USB flash drive, put it in the root of the flash file,
3. Create a flash drive an empty file named AAAAB3NzaC1kc3MAAACBANLc2NCufBz0lBUupztiXI7rUnhY3b
4. Turn off all smartphone. Connect your smartphone to USB-cable (standard) connected to a computer or charging. We look forward to when you are charging scale, hold the "+" and not squeezing it as the top button "inclusion". We are waiting for the appearance of diamond with an exclamation point. press the central button HOME.
5. In the menu that appears, select (side rocker) to "establish a SD card file" and press the left touch button (left of center). Will the installation process, which in the end to slow down and give oshibku.6. Turn off your smartphone. We took him out of the stick, insert into the card reader, remove or cut the root of flash file Extract all the contents of the saved file on your computer in a separate folder, remove it from the file uboot.bin (not to be confused with boot.img). Packs everything back to the file (without the uboot) and throw it on the stick. Put it in a smartphone.
7. Again connect the USB-cable to the smartphone, which the other end connected to a computer or charging. We look forward to when you are charging scale, hold the "+" and not squeezing it as the top button "inclusion". We are waiting for the appearance of diamond with an exclamation point. press the central button HOME. In the menu that appears, select (side rocker) to "establish a SD card file" and press the left touch button (left of center). Will the installation process, which is a second to tell us - that the operation is aborted.
8. Pull out USB, distorts the battery, turn on your smartphone without a cable connected YUSB as usual.
9. Android boot 2.2.1. with firmware version 0304, but in Chinese. Go to the menu - choose RUSSIAN. 10. Connect your smartphone as a USB flash drive to your computer, and instead of a file (without uboot) change it to a normal (with uboot). In the menu on the phone (in applications) is called prilozhenetse UPDATE SYSTEM, click on it and agree. Smartphone reboot (from YUSB cable do not disable) and set the correct normal uboot without swearing.
11. Connect your smartphone to your computer - Deletes a file and AAAAB3NzaC1kc3MAAACBANLc2NCufBz0lBUupztiXI7rUnhY3b differently each time you boot with a connected smartphone will YUSB instalit update.
12. Go to Settings - PRIVACY - click on the Reset All Settings. This one fell swoop remove the Chinese crap, settings and programs from the type CAT TOM TOM (as I understood - Chinese Tamagotchi).
13. Again set the Russian language. Set up an account and enjoy.
From the observed changes. Indeed the names of the operators in the system correctly displays a string. Was really fast work smart (maybe because of the fact that while it does not cost anything, he was ***** and barefoot)

Firmware for the transition from 2.1 to 2.2
FIRMWARE AVAILABLE ONLY WITH CABLE Saddle (pinout in the manual)
Firmware file and all necessary instructions - | |

Some have problems with the transition to 2.2, so make sure you carefully read the topic!

For work and thank AlexxNB Angel_Hranitel

Working with the IMEI (replacement, restoration, without broaching the cable)
Change IMEI on Making your own risk
1. Downloading tool: imei.rar with
2. Obtain the root-and.
3. Copy the file (for example through the Root Explorer) / data/nvram/md/NVRAM/NVD_IMEI/MP0B_001 somewhere in a safe place.
4. Extract imei.rar somewhere.
5. At the command prompt, run imei.exe c with 2 IMEI
For example: imei.exe 355812010064326 355812010064326
matter are different or the same (you can from your other phones). The main thing that IMEI codes according to the algorithm were the Moon
6. In the folder with the file imei.exe get MP0B_001
7. The resulting file MP0B_001 put in / data / nvram / md / NVRAM / NVD_IMEI / instead of the old (I hope I / r \ w guessed peremauntit through the same Root Explorer for example).
8. Check access rights. Must be:-rw-r-x ---
Or for Root Explorer as follows:
User - read and write
Group - Read and Execute
Other - No
9. Reboot.
10. Enjoying a new IMEI.

kimt team
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